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“By moving to Office 365, we achieved two critical goals. We gained a disaster recovery solution without incurring the costs of expanding our datacenter, and we kept our architects happy and productive.”

Jackson Keung, Deputy Director, ICT Department



Customer profile

Headquartered in the Republic of Singapore, DP Architects is a global architectural pratice with 12 offices and approximately 1,200 employees, including more than 800 architects.



DP Architects (DPA) relies on email to conduct business. But with on-premises servers running its messaging solutions at headquarters, IT staff worried about business continuity. The 1,200-employee firm uses the Microsoft Outlook email client.



DP Architects evaluated Microsoft Office 365 and other similar products in the market. Microsoft Office 365 unites familiar Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, which offers an email and alendaring service, with the power of Microsoft Productivity servers into one connected, online solution.



  • Mircosoft Office 365
    • Microsoft Exchange Online
    • Microsoft Lync Online
  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Office Outlook
    • Microsoft Words
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Lync
  • Technologies
    • Active Directory
    • Microsoft Office Outlook
    • Outlook Voice Access
    • Lync Communications
  • Partners
    • CHASSasia Singapore Pte Ltd


DP Architects (DPA) was founded in 1967, two years after Singapore's National independence. The firm has designed many important public projects for Singapore government entities, commercial developers, and institutions. DPA is well known for its expertise in large-scale projects, including Singapore Sport Hub, Asia's first integrated sports, leisure, entertainment, and lifestyle destination and Resorts World Sentosa, which has six hotels, several entertainment centers, and theme parks. Internationally, in 2008, DPA completed the 550,000 square-meter Dubai Mall, which had 75 million visitors in 2013.


BUSIness Situation

As the practice expands, IT staff faced the challenge of scaling the firm's infrastucture to support a rapidly growing business, while providing employees with state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) software and high-end PCs. Athough DPA housed its server in a datacenter at the firm's main office complex, business continuity was still a concern, especially with regards to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, which firm relied on for email communictions.

As a cost-effective way to acquire a robust disaster recovery solution for its email service, the ICT Department began to explore cloud-based options. The company worried about unforeseen incidents that could shut down the head office because it is located in a busy shopping mall in downtown Singapore.

"When we told the executive board that it could take months for us to get back up and running after a disaster, the board was convinced that we had to move to the cloud." Keung says. "We began looking for a solution that would not disrupt our architects in any way."



DP Architect evaluated Microsoft Office 365 and other similar products in the market. Microsoft Office 365 unites familiar Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, which offers an email and calendaring service, with the power of Microsoft productivity servers into one connected, online solution.

"The decsion to choose Office 365 hinged on the fact that Office 365 works seamlessly with Outlook. Our firm has strong preference to continue with Outlook," says Keung. "Also, we saw the potential of instant messaging, a capability of Lync Online, which is part Ofice 365."

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By choosing Office 365, DP Architects gained a cost-effecctive, scalable disaster recovery soluton for its email service, additional interoperable comunication and collaboration capabilities, and a close relationship with a company that understads the needs of a global enterprise.

"We moved to the cloud purely for business continuity, but Office 365 gives us other collaboration services that we can build on," says Keung.