“We are seeing an increase in the email service up time since migration to Office 365.

We believe we have made the right choice to migrate our email to Office 365 and we are happy we did it.”


Ueng Chyn Yi, Deputy Director, Corporate Core Infrastructure Information Technology



Customer profile

Founded in Singapore in 1994, STATS ChipPAC grew successfully over the years into a global Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) provider with strategic manufacturing operations in Singapore, South Korea and China. These sites are integrated with our global network of research and development, design and customer support offices throughout Asia, the United States and Europe.



STATS ChipPAC was seeking improvements in their employees' collaboration, mobility and productivity, particularly relating to email management, which has demonstrated it can be a huge time-waster for staff, if improperly and ineffectively used.



With cloud-based Office 365 - Microsoft's faster-ever growing commercial product, which features frequent updates - popular productivity tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are available, by monthly subscription, on the Microsoft cloud, so employees can access email no matter where they are. Implementing Office 365 enables organisations to benefit from cloud-based productivity and efficiency.



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STATS ChipPAC Ltd - with manufacturing facilities located in South Korea, Singapore, China and Taiwan - is one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor packaging and test services. They serve a diversified global customer base servicing the communication, consumer and computing markets.

The company leads in advanced packaging technology including fan-in and fan-out wafer level packaging, flip chip interconnect, 3D integration and Through Silicon Via (TSV). They are meeting increasing market demand for next-generation electronic devices with higher levels of integration, increased functionality and compact sizes.

With global headquarters in Singapore, STATS ChipPAC has design, research and development, manufacturing or customer support offices throughout Asia, the US and Europe. Mr Ueng said that, because of long-standing partnership with Microsoft, the company determined that "they were able to assist in the implementation of Office 365 for STAS ChipPAC, in the most effective way".


BUSIness Situation

In the ICT industry, where deadline blowouts are all too common, achieving a technology migration involving more than 4,000 users within three months, is quite an achievement. This was accomplished by information technology solutions and services company CHASSasia, which was contracted by STATS ChipPAC Ltd., one of the world's leading providers of advanced semiconductor packaging and test services.


prompt implementation

The implementation agreement was signed in June 2014 with the technology migration achieved in three months.

CHASSasia's Business Manager for Solutions & Technology, Triston Wan said that, prior to this, STATS ChipPAC had been running on a disparate and legacy messaging platform which they believed had limited storage space and functionality. After considering a range of possible service providers, STATS ChipPAC chose CHASSasia, because of its experience and strong reputation.

"The motivation behind the initiative was to move towards the latest version of messaging and collaboration platform with highest service availability, to achieve ease of mind. With the adoption of Office 365, STATS ChipPAC is moving towards more focused and efficient IT operations," Mr Wan said.

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Mr Wan said that in addition to Office 365 deployment, his company provided IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) to STAS ChipPAC, enabling them to use Azure as the public facing services for Office 365 authentication and administration.

"This has greatly reduced the load of network infrastructure as well as increased the resiliency on their Active Directory infrastructure," he said. "We have advised them on how they can transform, in order to be more productive, by leveraging on Office 365. Our solution allows STATS ChipPAC to be more flexible in terms of schedule planning for some of their VIPs plus minimised end-user impact during the migration.

"The overall feedback from their technical team is that the ease of migration feels as if they are operating like part of their existing infrastructure." Mr Wan said the success of the STATS ChipPAC project had demonstrated the CHASSasia project team’s commitment towards project delivery plus customer experience.


Office value proof 365

With Office 365, organisations pay for what they need on a per-user basis.

"As the hardware ages, we find it more economical to adopt the 'pay as you use' model (Office 365), instead of investing in CAPEX to build the email infrastructure internally," said Mr Ueng Chyn Yi, STATS ChipPAC's Deputy Director, Corporate Core Infrastructure Information Technology.

"Apart from email, Office 365 includes Sharepoint which our organisation has been using," he said. "By migrating our on-premise Sharepoint portal to Office 365 Sharepoint online, we allow users to access documents even when they are not in the office. This has helped to increase their productivity."

Mr Ueng said that, to date, Office 365 has "proven its value" to STATS ChipPAC. "We are seeing an increase in the email service up time since migration to Office 365. We believe we have made the right choice to migrate our email to Office 365 and we are happy we did it," he said. Mr Ueng has this advice and recommendation for other potential Office 365 and Sharepoint users, based on what it has learned from the CHASSasia implementation. "If an organisation needs to refresh their hardware for email and Sharepoint, they should seriously consider, and do a cost analysis, to identify whether it is more cost effective to move to the cloud.".


about microsoft office 365

Office 365 is the brand name used by Microsoft for a group of software plus services subscriptions that provides productivity software and related services to its subscribers. For consumers, the service allows the use of Microsoft Office apps on Windows and OS X, provides storage space on Microsoft's cloud storage service OneDrive, and grants 60 Skype minutes per month. For business and enterprise users, Office 365 offers plans including e-mail and social networking services through hosted versions of Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint and Office Online, integration with Yammer, as well as access to the Office software.