Here's some information on how you can get more from your current O365 investments and add-ons that we can provide.

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What are the benefits of getting Office365 with CHASSasia's MCSP?

You will be entitled to many great features, including our basic Managed Services Support (which consists of email support leveraging our IT Customer Care Portal).

Some of these include:

  • License provisioning
  • Monthly consumption reporting
  • Portal administration
  • Service ticketing system
  • and many more

What if you require a higher level of support for your Office365?

You can simply top up (from as low as S$3 per user per month) and upgrade your Managed Cloud Service Support to 24x7x4 coverage and receive:

  • 1 x complimentary website vulnerability scan
  • Change request x5 for add, amend and remove requests
  • Software / App Security and compliance
  • Unlimited helpdesk support on O365 issues
  • and many more

What else can you look forward to when you subscribe under CHASSasia's MCSP?

You can subscribe to our many complementary Managed Security solutions at special rates. These include: 

  • O365 add-on promotion Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) at *US$2.20 per user per month This enhancement helps to secure your mailboxes against advanced threats, providing time-of-click protection against unknown malware and zero-day attacks. ATP delivers several capabilities including safe attachments, safe links and rich reporting to help combat sophisticated attacks.
  • Web isolation and document isolation service that provides your users with 100% protection from the Internet and email. These security packages range from as low as *US$7 per user per month. 
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Pak at *US$7.80 per user per month.
  • Add-on premium identity-as-a-service for enhanced identity and access management.

 *Prices are valid till 31 December 2017.


Advanced threat protection (ATP)

What is ATP for Office365?

ATP helps to secure your mailboxes against advanced threats, providing time-of-click protection against unknown malware and zero-day attacks.  It also delivers several capabilities including safe attachments, safe links and rich reporting to help combat sophisticated attacks.

Microsoft’s SLA is on known viruses of 100% and spam effectiveness of SLA of greater than 90%, a false positive ration SLA of 1:2500,000. However, for unknown malware and zero-day attacks, ATP is recommended as an add-on in the light of today’s advance cyber-attacks evolving on a daily basis.

 Will ATP for Office365 catch 100% of malicious attacks?

  • No ATP product can catch 100% of malicious attacks. However, our solution is a definitive leader in zero-day detection, discovering 31 of 55 publicly reported zero-day attacks. The solution can also force open password protected archives containing malware for detonation within MVX by fetching specific keywords from mail body or combination of passwords through Threat Intelligence during sandboxing.
  • Our ATP also supports a wide range of file types for sandboxing bat, chm, cmd, com, csv, dll, exe, jar, js, Ink, vbs, applet, doc, docx, hlp, hwp, hwt, pdf, ppsx, ppt, pptx, rtf, swf, xl, xlsx, xml.

Does ATP only work for Office365? 

Though our ATP solution is a cloud-as-a-service product, Exchange organizations with on-premise mail servers can also use the service.

Can ATP protect me from crypto malware (i.e ransome malaware) ? How does it determine this?

Both Crypto Locker and Locky are detected by our ATP solution as it uses an internal sandbox technology which detonates the attachment in VMs and detects any anomalies. It uses several internal tools to detect vulnerabilities triggered by the sample being examined as well as other behavioral analysis to identify malicious activity.


Security packages

What are the benefits of our web isolation & document isolation services?

  • 100% safety via isolation: this ground-breaking solution stops the never-ending search for risky content.
  • Seamless end-user experience: safely empowers the digital workforce with a native user experience.
  • Cloud simplicity and scale: reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating end-point software and outdated appliances.

How does the web isolation & document isolation service work?

The Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) uses patented cloud-based isolation and Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR) technology that obviates the need for endpoint software or plug-ins while delivering a transparent user experience to the user’s native browser.  The MSIP is deployed between a user’s device (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and the Internet.  User Web requests are proxied via the MSIP, which accesses the Web on the user’s behalf and executes the user’s session completely. Only safe, malware-free rendering information is sent to the user’s endpoint, eliminating the possibility of malware reaching the user’s device.

How is our solution different from standard industry solution?

We simply adopt a direct preventive approach that hardens, isolates and prevents attack. The current cyber recommendation by Gartner is to prevent attack through isolation. “It’s Time to Isolate our Users from the Internet Cesspool With Remote Browsing.” Published: 30 September 2016 by Analyst(s): Neil MacDonald 

Download the Gartner report and get more information on how to defeat malware (Frost and Sullivan). 

Alternatively, CHASSasia is also able to provide our O365 users with 100% protection from web and email malware even while surfing online. This means that it isn’t necessary to disconnect users from the Internet to be cyber-safe.


Why Mobile device manangement?

 Mobile device management (MDM) enables organizations to: 

  • Control and secure access to smartphones, tablets and notebooks.
  • Protect corporate data on mobility devices, segregating between corporate and personal space.
  • Deliver encrypted email, calendar and contacts to mobility devices.
  • Have centrally-driven corporate enforced policy on the rights to use for mobility devices.
  • Allow ability to work from home securely.

Get un-paralleled corporate mobile app management

Set application policies to control data access while preserving the familiar user experience.

Objective: centrally managed and automatically pushed corporate-approved applications for staff to use. 


Add on premium identity-as-a service for enhanced identity & access management

Cloud First, Mobile First Strategy provides the ease of access of your corporate data from any device and any time. We embrace the cloud as it provides us with the agility and productivity at our fingertips. Everyone of us is able to access our corporate data from multiple devices i.e. tablet, mobile phone, notebook or even kiosk. However, such convenience also increases the potential of identity breach or theft through careless human behaviour. Forgetting to log out at the kiosk or clearing the cache, sharing of password or even saving authentication password as a default across various devices could result in security vulberabilities.

 Our add-on subcription will allow you to:

  • Centrally manage, monitor and protect your identities & access
  • Providing enhanced multi factor authentication
  • Allow you to enforce strong corporate password policies by providing self service password change portal

Get advanced reports for:

  • Sign-ins from IP address with suspicious activity
  • Irregular sign-in activity
  • Users with uncharacteristic sign-in activity
  • Which users are most actively using an application
  • What devices a user has signed in from


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